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TrueSki Technology

TrueSki Technology

Trueski Technology Rundl Sport FLEX

TrueSki Technology

TrueSki Technology is a patented suspension system exclusive to Rundle Sport. The suspension on Rundle Sport FLEX roller skis absorbs energy from the road surface and roller skier. This energy absorption has three benefits that make FLEX roller skis the ideal training tools for cross country skiers and biathletes.

1. TrueSki roller skis reduce vibration.

Vibration can be a major source of discomfort for roller skiers. Other roller skis only reduce vibration through the wheel rubber and the roller ski shaft material. TrueSki Technology uses suspension to absorb the small bumps in the road that cause vibration. The suspension also absorbs larger bumps in the road that would otherwise create shock loading on the roller skis.

2. TrueSki roller skis mimic skiing on snow.

TrueSki suspension absorbs some of the push from the skier’s leg similar to how snow absorbs energy from a skier’s push. TrueSki Technology is the best system for making roller skis feel like they are on snow.

3. TrueSki roller skis are more durable.

The reduction in vibration and shock loading reduce fatigue on the roller ski components. Component failure on roller skis is most often attributed to the forces generated by fixed-frame roller skis. TrueSki Technology reduces the forces acting on the roller skis, increasing durability. We offer a lifetime warranty on our FLEX roller skis and have never seen a FLEX roller ski fail. 


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