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Rundle Sport is proud to work with some of Canada's top athletes to develop our products and help Canadian racers get the most out of their training. For the 2016/2017 season we are sponsoring 14 athletes who share Rundle Sport's drive for performance and success. 


rundle-sport-russell-kennedy-roller-ski.jpg rundle-sport-dominique-moncion-groulx-roller-ski.jpg

            Russell Kennedy                                                        Dominique Moncion-Groulx    

rundle-sport-bob-thompson-roller-ski.jpeg rundle-sport-patrick-stewart-jones-roller-ski.jpg rundle-sport-matt-neumann-roller-ski.jpg

        Bob Thompson                           Patrick Stewart-Jones                             Matt Neumann           

rundle-sport-greg-munby-roller-ski.jpg rundle-sport-annika-hicks-roller-ski.jpg

                         Greg Munby                                                              Annika Hicks                        


Nathaniel Mah  


Team Hardwood Elite

Scott Hill

Ryan Jackson

Joey Foster

Isabella Howden

Madison Fraser

Keiran Jones


Rundle Sport Roller Ski Athletes


Sponsorship for the 2016 season is officialy closed. We are sometimes able to accomodate exeptional applicants despite having filled our athlete roster. If you feel you are an exceptional applicant and would like to submit a mid-season sponsorship request please email your sponsorship package to: patrick@rundlesport.com